It is one thing to actually improve your personal style and it is another to maintain your new improved personal style, without falling back into old habits. This is very common when women begin to feel discouraged about the size of your wardrobe and still feel like they do not have enough clothes or frustration from having to apply so many formulas (as the case may be) before getting dressed.

In the past, I have written about why personal style is important, building a capsule wardrobe, good habits of stylish people, how to improve your personal style etc. However, one thing I haven’t written about is how to sustain or preserve your newly improved personal style. Below are five (5) useful practical steps you can take to help you maintain your newly improved personal style.


1. Plan your Outfits Ahead of Time

Planning your outfit ahead of time is one of the most common habits of really stylish people, this simply means you have to think of your upcoming occasion and what is required of you. This can be achieved by easily creating a mental picture of things you would put together to achieve your desired fit’ or physically laying them out a day before. Essentially what planning ahead does is that you begin to enjoy getting dressed, you worry less about what to wear and you are always on time.

2. Set aside a Shopping Budget

Every once in a while, save some money for shopping to get things off your shopping list. This way you are able to periodically upgrade your wardrobe, and the excitement of having new things would make you to always want to get dressed, go out, and obviously show off your new items.

3. Incorporate Style Tips

When it comes to shopping or getting dressed, always incorporate the essentials of a good style like finding the perfect colours for your skin tone, wear flattering outfits, accessorising etc. In a nutshell, if all these ideas and tips are applied to your everyday looks you would never feel any type of way about your looks or having a small a wardrobe, on the flip side, you would always feel confident, respected, will be given more attention and so much more. In turn, you would be motivated to always look stylish and fashionable for yourself.

4. Have an Organized Closet

An organized closet is the secret to enthusiasm and positivity towards your clothes. Try and organize your wardrobe according to colours, tops, skirts, dresses, pants, jackets etc. Also, you have to ensure you fill the wardrobe with things you love, what works for your body type and lifestyle, and in turn, you can easily figure out your looks. Basically, what this does is that it makes you always want to look your best because getting dress has become a lot easier.

5. Reflect & Think

Lastly, whenever you see yourself falling into old habits, take time to reflect on why you wanted to improve your personal style in the first place, how you felt about yourself then, and how an improved style has been beneficial to you. Good Luck!