Imagine having a wardrobe that makes shopping and getting dressed a lot easier, that is what you get with a capsule wardrobe. More so you become more creative with the clothes you have – you are able to understand your style more, you are able to purge clothes you do not need, identify clothes that fit your body type, you find also yourself shopping less often and more intentionally. It is a great way to save yourself from spending on frivolous items that add up.

A capsule wardrobe simple means building your wardrobe in a manner that fits into your lifestyle. It can also be created to suit any need, for instance, a seasonal wardrobe (i.e. spring, summer, autumn, winter), a corporate wardrobe, a fashion collection, a student wardrobe and so on. Certainly, a great capsule wardrobe would not happen overnight, but I believe if it is worth doing it should be done right and less daunting. To help you achieve a seamless journey in building a good capsule wardrobe find below a few easy steps I put together that you can follow as you begin.

1. Consider your Lifestyle

What you do daily, where you spend most of your time and the dress code would help you determine what type of clothes you should have more. For instance, do you spend most of your time at home working, or at the office, the gym etc., being able to identify these questions would surely help you when building your wardrobe. Eventually, what you would realise is that you always have what to wear, your wardrobe would start to reflect who you are, what you do and how you want to be perceived.


2. Identify your Body type

Seeing and buying what you like is not all you need to build a good capsule wardrobe, identifying your body type and mastering outfits that would flatter your body type should also be put into consideration. This is because what would work for A might not work for B, thus by knowing your body type and the right clothes you are able to focus on only having what would fit you and in turn you get to make great fashion choices.


3. Have Staples

You need to identify versatile staples that would allow for easy mix and match and would also fit into your lifestyle when structuring your capsule wardrobe. The good thing about staples is that they do not go out of fashion and her mostly timeless, which is definitely a positive thing. Therefore, depending on the direction of your capsule, common examples include blue jeans, white buttoned-down shirts, black pants, a black dress, structured blazers, coloured camis etc.


4. Know your Colours

In creating a good wardrobe you need to have identified colours you love wearing, that also suit your skin tone. Ultimately, knowing your base and accent colours would always provide direction and clarity when shopping, matching outfits and creating an organised wardrobe. Base colours are those colours that can be easily combined with other colours examples include black, white and grey etc. whereas accent colours are those bold and vivid colours used in creating a contrast with your base colour. For instance, a white base colour can be contrasted with that green colour you love.


5. Choose Right Accessorises

Your accessories such as your bags, shoes, jewellery, scarfs, belts, sunglasses etc. are also an essential part of your wardrobe and must be built in such a way that they would always compliment whatever outfit you put together. It is noteworthy that besides being used to elevate your outfit when done right you end up looking even well put together and polished.