Beth Model Africa & Future Face Africa founder Elohor Elizabeth Isiorho is the latest cover girl for Guardian Life Magazine.

Elizabeth discusses with the publication about her contribution to the growth of the modelling industry in Africa, the rejections she faced as a young model, and how she used those lessons to launch Future Face Africa

On the cover, Elizabeth is sporting a cream double-breasted blazer paired with black pants. For beauty, she opts for a gorgeous neutral look complemented with long, wavy hair.


Read the excerpts from the interview below.

On the difficulties she faced launching Beth Models

There weren’t really any agencies around at that time, which meant that it was difficult to recruit models or communicate our aims and goals to their parents in a way that they could understand. Models didn’t want to sign contracts, as there was no precedent for that here. They wanted to just work as freelancers, which doesn’t work for agencies. Meanwhile, advertising agencies didn’t really want to work with us either. Also, a lot of people saw modelling as no different from prostitution. That stigma made it difficult to be taken seriously as an agency.

On her ability to stay focused

There will always be people who will try to discourage you or who will say you’re dreaming too big. Ignore them. Just stay focused on yourself and your vision.

People will often disappoint you, people will fail to support you and people will look down on you. You just have to keep going. There will always be times where things get difficult, but if I had given up during those hard times, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Now, I’m able to dream bigger than I ever thought I could. Try to find people who will support you along the way. A good mentor who can give you guidance and positive advice can also make all the difference for a newcomer.

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Photography: Jolaoso Wasiu Adebayo (@adebayophotograher)