Stylish women are not magically well put together and polished when you come across them, they have actually put in some work in achieving that effortless look. There is a category of women who follow trends, buy high-end fashion labels and look really stylish. On the other hand, there are women who make do with what they have and put together enviable stylish looks; they don’t dive into fashion trends or labels and are certainly not controlled by fashion, these are the real stylish people. So, if you have always wondered when you would start giving that seamless and stylish impression everywhere you go, here are a few habits I believe insanely stylish women follow.

1. They Draw Inspiration from other Stylish Women

Stylish women do not copy exactly what they see on fashion blogs/influencers rather they get inspiration from looks of other stylish women they admire and create a version in part, that fits into their personal style. The thing is most fashion bloggers or influencers are usually given these items for free to entice their followers, so in their best interest they learn to work with whatever version they have and roll with it in a cool way.

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2. They have a Capsule Wardrobe

Stylish women have been able to identify the kinds of clothes they are usually in, based on where they spend most of their time. They have also studied the weather in their area knowing what looks would be appropriate at each given time, hence they are able to build a capsule wardrobe for themselves. For instance, I work 9-5 and spend most of my time in corporate clothes due to the nature of my job as a lawyer, thus I have built my wardrobe around more of corporate wears than the others. This, in turn, helps create seamless looks because things have already been figured out, one way or another.


3. They choose High Quality over High Price

Stylish women understand that labels don’t make them cooler people, in fact, they don’t pay too much attention to it, when they see what they like they look for other affordable brands that also produce same and buy them. They also know how to mix high and low fashion as they do not believe you have to wear designer brands from top to bottom to create a polished look.


4. They Plan their Outfits Ahead of Time

From a well-arranged wardrobe to envisioning looks in their heads and picking out an outfit the night before, stylish women are generally well organised. It saves them time in the morning from unnecessary delays and lets them focus on other things. Also, it prevents recycling the same set of clothes and using only a percentage of clothes in their wardrobe.


5. They only Wear Clothes that Fit Perfectly

Over time stylish women have been able to identify their body type, skin tone and outfits that flatter their bodies. They also understand that being comfortable in what your wearing is the key to confidence and being the coolest person in a room. It is very ok to go through an exploration stage but once that is over you should know what to wear and whatnot.