If there’s anyone we can trust to show us the ropes when it comes to packing in an efficient but super stylish way, it’s travel and fashion influencers. Most of the time, these dynamic fashion entrepreneurs travel across the globe for shoots or fashionable brand trips multiple times a year, or just for cute staycations in their own cities. In other words, they are basically the packing experts and as always we were determined to get some tips from the experts, just for our Bellastylistas! Sp if you are planning a quick getaway to get some much needed rest and relaxation before Fashion Week madness sets in, or are planning an escape later in the year – make sure you check out these nifty tips and tricks from our faves!

Below, check out some quick tips from 3 of my go-to influencers and entrepreneurs on their top under-the-radar packing hacks one can make plus a few of their tips.


Onyinye Azode, Fashion Stylist & Digital Content Creator


  • My number one packing mistake would be not packing for the weather. Always (& I cant stress this enough) check the weather to where you’re headed. 
  • Not planning or color coordinating your outfits for the number of days you intend to spend on your get away. It can get really confusing
  • Fold, don’t roll. Contrary to popular opinion folds cause more wrinkles and nobody has time to iron everything!


  • Make a list & have a set itinerary for each day SO you can colour coordinate and plan your outfits for each day 
  • Minimize the shoes. You are not a centipede. A pair of sneakers, strappy heels & flats are good picks.
  • Observe your dual pieces. Some clothings can be worn in different ways; seize the opportunity to be creative.
  • I have travel sizes of almost all my favorite skin/beauty products.
  • Accessories make or break the lewk. Don’t go full heavy metal. Hats, silk scarfs weigh less but add an extra oomph to your look.
  • Always wear multiple layers when traveling; it can be hot or cold where you’re going. You’ve to be prepared for everything.

Fisayo Longe, Content Creator and Entrepreneur


  • I avoid over-packing. When I was younger, I used to pack whatever I thought would be good for the trip. Now, I try to match pieces and create looks beforehand. I hate having excess luggage!
  • I avoid not packing a jacket and a hoodie! There’s always one cold night or one cold place and I hate being cold! Check the weather beforehand.
  • I avoid toiletries spilling in my luggage at all costs! I make sure all the bottles are secured and tie them in plastic bags or ziplocs.


  • Plan your looks beforehand! At least have a vague idea of what you are going to wear with what. 
  • Shoes and jeans are always heavy. If you know your suitcase is going to be too heavy, put as many shoes and jeans as possible in your hand luggage.

Lhurve Davies , Content Creator


First things first, pack in sections. Have assigned bags for everything; 

  • Into your toiletries bag goes cotton pads, shower gel, body lotion, deodorant, sun care products, coconut or almond oil so you can shine for the gram and all the other stuff.
  • Of course you should also have your makeup bag safely tucked in your bag (or not, some vacations can be makeup free.)
  • Have your underwear and nightwear packed in a separate bag, you don’t want to be that person who forgets to bring enough. 
  • You’ve also got your medicine bag and in there goes necessities like sanitary pads, tampons, antihistamine pills, painkillers and so on.This bag isn’t a must but trust me it’ll be a lot more convenient to know that you already have everything you might need on hand.
  • Hair care products should be packed carefully in a separate bag. 

For natural hair gals like me that includes your leave-in conditioner, edge control, combs, satin bonnet, you know the drill. For my weave sistas don’t forget to pack your straighteners/curlers, hair spray, wig mannequin, hair brushes and so on. 

Instagram content tip #1: if you’re going to be rocking a wig on vacation, why not go with 2 or 3? Variety, they say, is the spice of life. 

Take extra care when packing [your] accessories

  • Have all your necklaces, earrings, bracelets and sunglasses in a separate box (or bag, depending on your preference but I usually go for boxes, less chances of the jewellery getting squished.) 
  • In your shoe bag goes your flats, jellies and flip flops. Don’t be that person that forgets to pack flip flops and has to walk around a hotel room on bare feet. Just, no. 
  • Heels and sneakers should be packed separately so they don’t get scuffed during travel. 

Pre-plan and pack your outfits 

  • Instead of just throwing everything you think you might need into your suitcase, have your outfits planned already and you’ll never have to worry about what to wear or find yourself overpacking either.
  • Style your outfits accordingly (including which accessories and shoes go with what outfit) and put each outfit in clear ziplock bags (or something similar) so you know what’s where.

Instagram content tip #2:  going away for three days? Pack 6-8 different outfits and you’ll have extra content to keep posting even after you’ve gotten back from your vacation.


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