In a new feature in Vanity Fair for its 15th anniversary, the publication speaks with some of the biggest names on YouTube; from beauty and lifestyle to tech and comedy, about the details of their craft; numbers, statistics, creative burnout, and longevity.

Photo Credit: Ethan James for Vanity Fair

One of the YouTubers featured in the article is Nigerian Beauty and Fashion YouTuber Jackie Aina who began making videos in 2009 while stationed in Hawaii as an Army reservist. Now with over 3million subscribers on the platform, there is still the issue of creative burnout – not knowing what to do with one’s channel once it’s achieved a certain degree of visibility.

Jackie says “I’ll get comments from people and they’ll be like, you should have way more subscribers, you should be bigger. And I’m like, at what point is 3 million gonna be success?

There’s one thing that I think every creator sometimes needs to hear. Excuse my French, but, nobody owes you shit.

Five, seven years ago, your favorite YouTuber was like the homie next door. But I feel like…it’s going to become, ‘Oh, she’s a YouTuber.

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