Nigerian womenswear brand My Q Lady now known as Yeside Laguda launched a collection titled ‘Love Letters’. Each piece is whimsically named after one of the women in her life who have helped or supported her and is a metaphorical ‘love letter’ to each, (you can read the individual letters on the brands Instagram). We love the chic silhouettes and primarily adire fabrication employed in the collection.

According to a statement from the brand:

This is for you! ALL OF YOU

My heart is full, I can’t thank you ladies enough. I have been a recipient of grace and favour. Goodwill has brought me this far. I can tell you about women supporting women because you all have supported me. With God on my side, I am here today because of YOU!! Every single one of you. You have supported me, forgiven me, cheered me on and pushed me. You have bought my dreams and because of you, I have dared to dream bigger. You have allowed me stand on your shoulders so I can stand taller and reach further.

Love Letters is for you, I have written you this letter to tell you what you mean to me, to show what your support has done. I have known only love from you and for that I am truly grateful. You have spoken for me, covered my faults, counseled me. In you I have sisters, mothers, teachers and counselors. You have spoken for me in rooms I wasn’t present. Each piece is a love letter to women who influenced our journey, will continue in the next collection so if your name isn’t there be sure it ll be on the next one.

I am still overwhelmed by your support and reposts, we practiced practiced and practiced then when we went live everything just froze. I froze!!!!! I couldn’t believe it, but your love and support kept me going, I got so many encouraging messages by the time the show went live , I was in tears. The mishap in itself was a lesson in love and forgiveness. People waited for 45 minutes!!!!!!!!! You watched, you applauded, we were flooded with orders. How else can I thank you, you are all God sent. I also learnt that we can plan (boy did we plan?) but only God can execute.

Thank you once again ladies, I pray that God blesses you, I pray that you find favour, that you feel the the joy you have put in me. May your paths be blessed.

Have an amazing week, may God bless you.


Photography: @tosin.akinyemiju
Makeup: @shomya_lag
Model: @bethmodelafrica
Creative direction
Styling @vanestylesr
Location @cabaret.avignon