Duro Olowu has unveiled his Spring/Summer 2021 collection and as usual, the collection is a pleasing sartorial offering with the brand’s signature play on play with bubbly prints.

According to the designer, it was inspired by artist Emma Amos, the postmodernist African-American painter and printmaker who explored themes of feminism, race, and culture with her work.

Duro told Vogue:

I was looking at her work a lot. I love the way she used colour. She had this unexpected, striking mix which really made an impact. But beyond her art, she was the only female member of Spiral, the African-American painting group formed in the Sixties to debate the political role of black artists. She challenged racism and sexism – she was incredibly stylish too.

See the collection below

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Photo by #LuisMonteiro
Makeup by #MariaPapadopoulou
Model: #NeemaKayitesi