As part of our commitment to the African fashion and beauty industries, we will be highlighting not just the glitz and glam but the important lessons, challenges and struggles of your faves! Learn from entrepreneurs, influencers and celebrities at different stages in their journey and let us  introduce you to the best and brightest within our vibrant fashion and beauty communities. In this edition, editor at large Isoken Ogiemwonyi asks three beauty Insta-fluencers to three questions that reveal their biggest learnings, their journey, and more. Get inspired!

Courtesy @ekiogunbor

Eki Ogunbor

The  top things she wishes she had known starting out: 

  • I’m still relatively new to this but along the way I’ve learnt that makeup is fun, it doesn’t have to be perfect or serious “face beat” all the time. I love to try new things and go bold, seeing ways I can incorporate editorial looks/trends into my makeup choices as a beginner.
  • Skincare is highly important for the best makeup results. I’ve always done the usual cleansing, night serum and SPF but in 2018 I’ve really been exposed to other useful chemicals, various facials and natural remedies too! My favourite at the moment is my black soap, honey, sugar and lemon face scrub, I also LOVE steaming my face with honey on it. Try it and thank me later 😉
  • Inner beauty is the most important (this I’ve always known).

The one thing she would change if she could go back in time:

  • I wish I did more things with my hair like trying colours and different cuts. Yes I cut it a lot because there’s a specific length I’m comfortable with but I want to try more colour so I’m going to do that now.
  • I ALSO wish I practised my blending a lot sooner.

Her 3 tips for new & upcoming beauty influencers:

  • Be open. Be open to practising even when you have no where to go so you can perfect your skills. Be open to reaching out to other blogger and brands to learn and create a bigger network. Be open to trying new things too.
  • Buy what you need, not what you want or what you think you need. This will save you a few coins in the beginning before the brands start to send you the free stuff that you want 😉
  • When searching for reviews or techniques you’re interested in, search for vloggers who have similar skintones, eye shapes or face shapes as you. Although there are exceptions to this rule, not everything works for everyone
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Nneoma Okorie

The  top things she wishes she had known starting out:

I wish I knew how important individualism is,  how important it to remain true to yourself, and CONSISTENCY.

The one thing she would change if she could go back in time:

How inconsistent I was! Consistency and a great work ethic will really take you places further than you imagine.

Her 3 tips for new & upcoming beauty influencers:

  1. Don’t be threatened or imitated by people with larger followings than you, focus on your craft because every day is a new day to gain a new audience.
  2. Have fun with content creation, and don’t be pressured to be anyone other than yourself.
  3. Consistency and discipline is something that many people lack. Make these your best friends
Courtesy @whitneymadueke

Whitney Madueke

The  top things she wishes she had known starting out:

I wish I knew more about the money aspect of things:

1. Having the confidence to ask for what you feel is right for the service you provide.

2. Knowing how to price your services accordingly.

3. Knowing how to negotiate properly.  

These things are not as clear in this industry so a lot of the time you end up underselling yourself or even providing your service for free.

Always ask to be paid, and go from there.

The one thing she would change if she could go back in time:

Nothing, in particular, comes to mind really, I was only moving at the pace I could then. But it would have been great to have the knowledge I know now then.

I’m grateful anyways for how it has all turned out, everything happens as its meant to.

Her 3 tips for new & upcoming beauty influencers:

1. Do everything you wish to do, don’t worry about what people think or your own self-doubts.

2. Find your own personal style, taste etc and that takes alot of time, practice , trials and errors so my final tip:

3. Patience. It is really a journey that you alone are on. So focus on yourself and try to find you along the way.