Known for her luxury line, adorned by celebrities including Tiwa Savage and Alicia Keys, Aisha Obuobi of Christie Brown, successfully continues to propel her fashion empire beyond the borders of her hometown, Ghana. SCHICK magazine profiles the woman behind the brand; her personal life and the Christie Brown brand.

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Who is Aisha Obuobi, the designer?
I’m a mother of two adorable boys. I’m married to the most supportive man who pushes me to be awesome. I believe I am my mother’s best friend, my father’s kryptonite, my brother’s sweetheart and my girlfriends are my sisters. I pray about everything and I don’t take myself too seriously. In a nutshell, I value family and relationships. I am deeply spiritual and dangerously light-hearted.

How did you start the Christie Brown brand?
Launched the brand in March of 2008 while I was still in University studying Psychology. It all started as a passion to see the modern African woman, in all her sophistication and exposure, embrace her heritage and to do that in the most audacious and stylish way possible. Two years into my “fairytale”, I realised how viable a business this was and even more so that I could not do this by myself; that was when I partnered with Vanessa Bannerman, our COO (Merchandising & Operations), who brought her finance and fashion buying background into the business to help make Christie Brown what it is today.

You just launched your F(Men)ist collection, what can we expect?
The collection is menswear-inspired, so we took elements from traditional men’s tailoring and suiting fabrics and disrupted how they would ideally be used. The silhouettes are classic Christie Brown; feminine and playful.

If you had to choose, which celebrity would you say is the most suitable ambassador for the Christie Brown brand?
Tracee Ellis Ross. She embodies a sophisticated sexy (with a dash of spunk) that we strive to achieve as a brand, collection after collection. She reminds me of a woman who is very in tune with herself, who is well read, well- traveled and probably had some intriguing life experiences.

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Photo Credit: Christie Brown | @christiebrowngh