Silvia Njoki, influencer, stylist and fashion columnist by way of Nairobi, recently took the trip of a lifetime: 5 cities, 3 countries and all the fashion and fun she could muster.

It was work that brought Silvia to Tangier (the CyFy Africa Tech conference), but that didn’t keep her from folding in a bit of pleasure.  

Combining business and pleasure she took in the sights, visiting with friends – old and new during her time away.

Get a glimpse of her dreamy getaway and check out the best moments and stunning imagery she was so kind to share with BellaNaija Style from her trip, below.


Super exhausted after an 8hour flight from Nairobi, and now on transit in Casablanca headed to Tangier for the CyfyAfrica tech conference. 
Looking forward to to network with like minded individuals, learn, make new friends and explore Tangier the next few days?

Took some time out today to explore the Tangier medinas ??

Headed to see where the Atlantic Meets the Mediterranean, we are also 25kms from Spain so in theory we could sail there for a paella dinner ? ??but we have a few more sessions to attend today.

This is #TheStraitOfGilbraltar. Where the Atlantic Meets the Mediterranean! ?? It lies between the southern coast of Spain ?? and the northern coast of Morocco ❤️


I would highly recommend anyone visiting Morocco to take a day or two in Chefchaouen. and enjoy its beautiful maze like blue streets – so magical and unique that it was worth the long journey up into the mountains from Tangier to see this perfect little blue city. They painted it blue many years ago as they believed the blue symbolizes heaven, color of the sky, and it reminded them of the presence of God. They also believe, that the blue color repels mosquitos!

Here is a bit from my Moroccan culinary experience… .
Their food is full of exciting flavor combinations. Meat is quite popular usually eaten in a Tagine with vegetables and served with bread. Though their main foods are not entirely vegan and vegetarian friendly, there is still a wide selection of vegetables and grains to choose from. I ate so many olives while in Morocco, they use them a lot in cooking, also condiments but mostly as starters. ?

When I go to an unfamiliar place, I love to visit the local market mingling with the locals and taking in the energy and sounds – this is where I get the true vibe of the people and the city


El Turo de la Rovira has some jaw dropping views of #Barcelona! We spent a chill morning here enjoying the views of the city


Seville is such a charming little city with so much character … been walking ??‍♀️ all morning, now it’s time to ride around the city with the girls ?


Crumbling ruins and iconic structures like this one makes Rome feel like you a walking back in time. First stop was the Colosseum it has been Rome’s most recognizable building for centuries! .
Loving my floral belted kimono from @dukashop ❤️