Sensitive and acne-prone skin types can be tricky when it comes to achieving full coverage or in this case, a simple glam. Applications can be pretty tough and discouraging as these skin types fluctuate hence, having highs and lows with the season.

Thank goodness! beauty blogger Omabelle is spilling the hack on achieving a botch free makeup look regardless of problematic skin in her new video.

According to Omabelle, on her YouTube:

So today, I thought to share some special tricks and tips I use anytime my skin is acting up. These tips are very simple easy and perfect for beginners who are still struggling to apply their makeup. If you watch my videos, you would know I struggle with acne and it has its high times and low times. So I thought to share few things I do on such occasions. Hope you enjoy! xoxo.

Click to watch the full video below.