When done properly, protective styles are an essential part of healthy hair care, It’s important to protect your hair from excessive manipulation or harsh weather conditions. Extreme weather conditions can cause the hair to increase in size or contract, stressing the hair strands, making it fragile. The objective is to keep your hair sheltered under a hairdo. Although, protective styles keep the hair healthy, if not properly managed it could end up doing more harm than good.

Beauty YouTuber Seun Okimi has multiple videos on the dos and don’ts of protective styling and we have scoured her channel to bring the best hair tips and tricks you will need while rocking a protective style. We had to revisit the ‘why protective styles aren’t growing your hair’ video to further drive home the point.

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Why Protective Styles Aren’t Growing Your Hair

Removal and Maintenance Tips

Keep Hair Moisturized

Cleanse Your Scalp

How to Completely Stop the Itch in Protective Styles