Kenyan E-commerce fashion and lifestyle brand Hekaya is on a mission to inspire and empower a rising generation of women to look, live and feel their best. The brand recently collaborated with Kenyan content creator, Hali Oduor to create a new collection designed and inspired by the beautiful coastal town of Lamu, Kenya the oldest and best-preserved Swahili settlement in East Africa.

Featuring a range of dresses and two pieces designed from our signature linen-cotton blend, satin and ribbed knit. In addition, each colour has also been crafted and Inspired by vibrant African hues as well as the neutral earth tones of the land.

In a statement following the release, the brand stated:

Hekaya, which means fable in Swahili is a brand originating from Kenya. The name was picked as a synonym for the story. Hekaya has been created for all the women who are proud of their heritage and their unique stories and want to share it with the world. At Hekaya fashion not only celebrates the diversity of each woman but represents the journies we are taking and the drive to make our mark on the world. For us, this collaboration is more than just fashion. We want to showcase the talent which exists within Africa, celebrate the beauty of the country we live in and create an experience which makes our community proud.

See the full collection below

Instagram: @livehekaya