Nigeria luxury brand TORWOLEI  has made a historical debut at Harrods a world leader in luxury retail.

Known for its chic and timeless designs, TORLOWEI recently launched its exclusive collection & campaign, “Torlowei as Art? Torlowei is Art,” at Harrods. This is a huge milestone for the brand as TORLOWEI became the first brand in West Africa to be featured at Harrods.

According to the brand:

Beyond the simplicity of looking good, TORLOWEI embodies the architecture you admire and the paintings you applaud. We have all heard the saying that “you are what you eat” but we too believe that “you are what you wear”.

Our latest collection embodies the essence of the TORLOWEI aesthetic. Stripping back to the essentials, we present our core silhouettes in new, bold and fresh colours.

These pieces, made with silk canvases that have been woven by generational family-owned looms and meticulously hand-painted on with delicate French leavers’ laces from the Caudry region of France by our artisans in Nigeria and Morocco, are unique masterpieces, hand-crafted just for you.

See the collection below:


Art Director and Photographer: Daniel Obasi @iamdanielobasi
Line Producer: Adedeji Olowu @ocyrees
Styling: Daniel Obasi and Uche Uba @vcheuba
Production design: Roosevelt Lucha Amase-Yachiga @roosevelt.says
Body art/ Makeup: Christiana Onome @merakibyonome
Nail technician: Amara Eweremibe @marafairybeauty
Hairstylist and Hair: Joke Lawal @nifemilarj Tatiana Mutushi @nrluxehair
Lighting: Noma Osula @noma.o
Photography assistant: Ikechuwku Okonkwo @6ix_jo
Talents: Melat Abera @melat_abera_ Rebecca Fabunmi @rebeccafabunmi_