Much loved Nigerian brand Imad Eduso is back with a delightful collection, just in time for #DettyDecember!

In a letter from the Creative Director.

Motherhood has been such an evolving journey causing me to question so much about who I am, what I do, if I can do it, who I want to be and what legacy I want to leave behind. It’s been a continuous journey of self rediscovery, as I’ve had to dig deep, unlearning and relearning the things I thought I knew. As these questions plagued my mind constantly together with feeling left behind. Initially this was difficult but finally I can see a glimpse of the rainbow at the end of the tunnel, as I see everything from a new perspective with a sense of wonderment.

I cannot thank my amazing support system enough, God, my husband, family, friends and my Mama’s group! 

our #SS20 Collection Titled Ebí ( meaning Family / Guilt in Yoruba) –

The collection is a visual representation of my current journey of being a new mum, using vibrant colors and voluminous detailing to signify the exhilaration, the great responsibilities, the beautiful imbalance that comes with the joys of motherhood.

Check out the full collection below!

SS20 Collection now available to shop online at


Model: @chika7star
Make up: @iamdodos
Styling Assistant: @njuare___
Photographer: @kosolonwudinjor
Cinematographer: @manneshotit