Beauty entreprenuer Lola OJ just released new photos in an editorial tagged “Evolving” and the looks are just so stunning. The Coco Skincare founder who took the photos shortly after to gave birth to her daughter says it is a reminder of the different stages she went through while pregnant.

This shoot took place not long after Lola OJ had given birth to her daughter, this shoot represents the stages that she went through during the experience. We collaborated with amazing designers based in the U.K and a very talented photographer who was the creative director for the shoot. There were 3 looks and they were all shot at a gorgeous venue Dunstan in the East situated in London.

The statement adds that each of the looks represents different aspects of her evolution thus far and that her message with the editorial is that we all should accept life’s lessons.

Each look represents an aspect of Lola as she has evolved. Each experience has not been wasted but used as a stepping stone for the next stage in her life currently and for the future. It’s a short story through pictures about evolving, it’s a stripped-down truthful representation of Lola’s emotions, without the perfect hair and usual glam make up.

Lola’s message through this story is to encourage her audience to accept life’s lessons, gifts, challenges, celebrations as part of their story and to be prepared that more will come. We are to embrace life’s unpredictable journey and believe we can do anything we want if we believe.

See all the looks below:

Look one: The Beginning, Being Still, Being Vulnerable.

Look two: Coming Out Of Your Comfort Zone, Exploring

Look 3: New Beginning, Enthusiastic About What’s To Come

Styling: @uo_styling
Photographer: @dolaposh
Muse: @LolaOJ
Designers from @blackprgroup: @rionatreacy, @knitssofficial, @zara
Neckpiece designer: @giebultowski