Courtesy The Nale Girl
New designers pop up everyday and quite a few of them are undoubtedly talented. We’ve had our eyes on quite a few up and coming brands and we will be highlighting some of the major on-the rise- brands you need to know in the Discover series.
Courtesy The Nale Girl
On why she started her line
I’ve been in the fashion industry for almost a decade, working as a fashion model in Lagos and New York; I fell in fashion many years ago and when I started to consider starting a business that was sustainable in the long run, it also had to be in fashion, I had experienced the glam part of runways so I decided to combine my degree in Economics and Business Management with my love for fashion to create my brand and better understand the business of fashion.
Courtesy The Nale Girl
On her favourite influencer or celebrities to work with
I’ve worked with a number of influencers and they’ve all brought something unique in their own way of styling and expression so it’s difficult for me to pick out one favourite.
Courtesy The Nale Girl
Who is the Nale Girl’s core customer?
The millennial woman

On where she gets style inspiration 

I find inspiration all around me, from books to movies, to flowers to scents. Sometimes I see, hear or feel something and try to interpret that in a style.

Courtesy The Nale Girl

‘NALÈ is for the effortless cool girl that is dancing to the beat of her own drum’

How would you describe your label?

NALÈ is for the effortless cool girl that is dancing to the beat of her own drum’

What do you believe should be the foundation of every woman’s wardrobe?

Whatever makes her feel at her most confident

Courtesy The Nale Girl

Where can we purchase pieces from the brand?  

From our show room at 10 Usman Sarki Crescent, Utako in Abuja, on our website and we deliver worldwide or via our social media @thenalegirl

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