Whether you find yourself building a capsule wardrobe or on a personal style discovery journey one thing agreeable to most fashion/style gurus are the need for wardrobe staples. Staples are those foundational pieces that form the crux of every good wardrobe; they make dressing hassle-free, they do not go out of style, and they help in aligning one to its personal style. As a personal stylist, I am always having to put together looks for my clients mostly with their pre-owned clothes and often times we are unable to bring certain looks to reality, due to lack of certain staples. Basically, this made me realise the importance of certain wardrobe basics in pulling off a well put together look. With all that in mind, I tried to round up a couple of key clothing staples that can fit into almost anyone’s personal style. However, you can still extend or expand your wardrobe depending on your preferences, keep scrolling to uncover these staple items.

1. A Structured/Longline Blazer

Blazers are a true powerhouse when it comes to essentials in any wardrobe. From serving you looks for that dress, jeans or over your cardigan during winter etc. you can never go wrong with a great blazer. Ultimately, investing in a blazer that would give room for flexibility is all that matters.


2. Base Pieces

These are clothing items used best as a first base for layering outfits’, good examples include bodysuits, camis, crop tops, tanks etc. They are important in every wardrobe because they create nice silhouettes for the body and prevent things from bunching up around the waistline.


3. Black Pants

Undoubtedly, black anything are a great foundation to almost every look because they make combining colours a lot easier, hence the need to have black pants in your wardrobe. The commonly preferred ones are cigarette and flared pants.


4. Classic White Shirt

A classic white shirt in every wardrobe is expected to be loose-fitted and still flatters the body, that way it becomes useful to be styled as a layering or base piece for your outfit.


5. Crisp Basic Tees

Basic tees are one of the most common staple items because they fit into all style types. They can be dressed down with sneakers and a jacket or up with a blazer and pants to work. When picking out your basic tees neutral colours like white, black are most preferable.


6. Sweaters

Every wardrobe definitely requires pretty sweaters considering the different types of seasons and the need to stay warm when it is cold. Opting for ones that would complement your clothes is what every woman needs in her wardrobe.


7. Jeans

Comfortable and flattering denim jeans are definitely worth having in every woman’s wardrobe, as its versatility can serve looks for work and play. A good wardrobe should have blue, black and white jeans.


8. A Black Dress

A black or a Little Black Dress (LBS) depending on your preference are certainly an essential item every woman should have. They are great because they can serve different looks – a work fit with a blazer, a casual look with an oversized shirt and sneakers or a night out with heels.


9. Leggings

Besides helping women create that figure that hugging flattering look, leggings are comfortable and they provide for flexibility in styling. They can be paired with sneakers for some sporty action or heels for a chic vibe.


10. Jackets

Jackets are very good layering outfits and depending on your preferences, a good wardrobe usually has denim, leather or bomber jackets.