Ahead of tonight’s ARISE Fashion Week 2018 shows, BN Style Editor Eki Ogunbor got talking with Nigerian British designer, Tokyo James about his collection for day 2 of the fashion event that has Lagos buzzing.

What is the inspiration behind this season’s collection?

The inspiration behind this season is two things. First being how do you balance the line between simplicity and edge, how do we make simple new and fresh? The second is Unity in diversity because of the symbols of the pieces.

BTS Fitting Shot

Do you have a favourite piece from the collection?

That’s like asking a parent to choose their favourite child I literally love them all.

How important is showing at Fashion Week for your brand?

It helps communication the brands identify and ethos, fashion week is a very useful marketing tool for us to bring the press and buyers into our world – giving people a chance to see how we as a house view the world through clothes.

Do you consider trends first, when designing a new collection?

Never, I never do that. I hate trends I want to create pieces that your children can wear in the next 50 years and they are still relevant and timeless.

The Collection’s Colour Palette

Black, White, Powder Blue & Brown