This is for dapper men and the ladies who love them. BellaStylistas, check out these 6 stunning colour combinations, each styled into 3 descriptive fashion genres: casual, formal and fashionista.

The casual category features simple outfits that can be worn on a relaxed, day or night outing; the formal category features nice outfits appropriate for formal social events such as business dinners, weddings, etc; the fashionista category features edgy out-of-the-box styling that may challenge your fashion norms with oversized jackets, wide-legged pants and then some.

Watch Chris Kabeya, Greg Ntore & Mattew Louis style Black & White; Black & Turquoise; White, Grey & Black; White, Yellow & Beige; Nude, Black &Brown; Nude & Offwhite in the video below:


Muses: @iamchriskabeya@gregntore & @mathieudufresnee
IB: @mrrlittle @treybryantstyle & @queyoun
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