The latest episode of CNN‘s African Voices Changemakers spotlights the visionary talents reshaping global fashion, straight from the heart of Nigeria – Andrea Iyamah and Victoria “Veekee” James.

Andrea Iyamah is the force blending bold African heritage with contemporary design in her stunning swimwear collections, fashion accessories, ready-to-wear and more. Think vibrant colours and intricate patterns that have taken the world by storm while Veekee James brings bespoke couture to a global stage with a unique African POV, from bridal and evening wear to corporates and casuals.

In this interview with Larry Madowo, we discover their journeys from their roots in Nigeria to the world stage and witness how their remarkable work is shaping fashion. From artful pieces to fashion education and philanthropic impact work, see how these trailblazers are making positive change today, hit the ▶ button below to watch:


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Watch the full interview here.