Ria Kosher explores Faith and its ties to fashion for Spring/Summer 2024. Each piece is rooted in the notion that every action stems from a thought often backed up by an unwavering belief in one’s God, oneself, and one’s choices.

This collection is meticulously crafted to elevate your style. It features the brand’s signature Canadian-smocked pattern, bold colours, fringes, trims, ruffles, and striking details designed to accentuate your personality. They include form-fitting skirts and dresses, vibrant jumpsuits and shorts, dressy tops, and loose-fitting pieces.

As Victoria Willie, Creative Director of Ria Kosher, shared:

FAITH collection is a visual representation of the days you’ve had to take huge steps without knowing what the future holds. It was birthed during a difficult phase of my life, but amid the challenges, I learnt to believe in God and myself.

I learnt to trust the process, knowing that everything that happened was to shape and sharpen me into becoming better, wiser, and stronger. Hence, this is my message to every fashion lover this season: that you have more faith and look like you do through what you wear.

Whether it’s a business event, a vacation, or a party to unwind, Ria Kosher’s Faith collection offers interchangeable and versatile outfits for different occasions.

Each piece is intricately constructed to ensure maximum comfort while exuding elegance. Through these pieces, Ria Kosher urges you to take a bet on yourself and pursue that which is precious to you even when the path ahead seems unclear. Indeed, the brand’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection is a visual tale of confidence, resilience, and faith in one’s style.

See the collection below: