Four (4) extraordinary women who have flourished as friends for over two decades joined BellaNaija Style to discuss “Sisterhood Circle: Cultivating Supportive Female Friendships” on the 2nd episode of #BNSCONVOS during this 5th edition of BellaNaija Style Women’s Month.

In a candid LIVE conversation powered by NIVEA, Nollywood actress Ini-Dima Okojie, actress and TV personality Mimi Onalaja, fashion-tech pioneer Sophia Ike-Onu, and 2x creative director Derin Fabikun, unravel the layers of their friendship, sharing insights on the intricacies of cultivating and sustaining healthy female bonds.

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When asked what the secret to the health and length of their friendship is, Mimi said:

Grace and love are the core foundation of our friendship. Our knowledge of each other has also helped us allow ourselves to grow. The love stays constant and never wavers. We have grown in our knowledge of each other and it helps us try our best to love each other as the other person likes to receive.

On handling conflicts in friendship, Sophia encouraged participants to squash disagreements respectfully, without name-calling.

Trusting your friendship helps you navigate the times when your friend(s) can’t be present; giving and extending grace to your friendship. Allow yourself to be themselves without them conforming.

Sophia Ike-Onu


Have an open line of communication.

— Ini Dima-Okojie

When asked how they have successfully navigated their friendship for so long, they all said: “At the core, let everything be rooted in love”.

When asked to share their advice for people looking to cultivate healthy friendships, they said the following:

Sophia: “Trusting your friendship helps you navigate the times when your friend(s) can’t be present; give and extend grace to your friendship.”

Derin: “Create an atmosphere for your friends to relax and rest on you. It’s okay to leverage your friendship.”

Mimi: “In cultivating friendships, it’s very important that you’re not quick to cut people off. Be willing to extend grace and leave room for the possibility of growth. Seek first to understand before you pull the plug or end the friendship.”

Ini: “Allowing each other to have our mini ritual within the group without allowing jealousy to find a rooting.”

If you want good friendships, start by being a good friend and embodying kindness. Be the person that you want other people to be to you.

Derin speaking about attracting great friendships

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