Nigerian Journalist and Fashion Editor — Dimeji Alara continues his Rio de Janeiro exploration in the second episode of his adventure series, now streaming on his YouTube channel. In this episode, Dimeji shares the fear, beauty, and chaos of his Rio Favela experience.

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I was fortunate enough to venture into the vibrant heart of the favelas, where I met the talented and charismatic rapper, Victor Hugo, in the ‘red zone’. We spent a captivating day with him, immersed in the creative hub of his music studio, surrounded by the rhythms and beats that fuel his passion.

We also had the chance to meet his warm and welcoming mother, who graciously received us into their community. As we delved deeper into his world, we were treated to an exclusive listening session of his latest tracks, showcasing his raw talent and authentic voice.

It was an unforgettable experience, one that left a lasting impression on my heart and a deeper understanding of the favela’s resilient spirit.

— Dimeji

Credit: Dimeji Alara