Being a designer means constantly plumbing the depths of your imagination and experience for inspiration for the collections that need to be produced every year. That magic has to come from somewhere right? Well, we asked an array of designers who or what has most influenced their work – from accessories to fashion, these designers let us into their world and show us what inspires them to create their stunning work!


On her personal style inspiration

I really dress up to be comfortable and it depends on my mood as well. I randomly check out style pages on Instagram as well but to be honest, they rarely determine my choice.


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Adama Paris

On her personal style inspiration

Mostly from my travel around the world and women around the world.


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On style inspiration and her personal style

My personal style is uniquely mine. However, I will say I have generally been influenced by my parent’s sense of style growing up as they were and still are avid dressers. From my father’s sharp looks in his khaki’s to his well-tailored suits and needless to mention the shoes! Then my mother’s unconventional style using her brooches, scarves, statement neck pieces and her “power”bags!  


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On Style Inspiration

Everywhere! However, I get most of my inspiration from books like Angela Fisher’s collections. Sometimes an idea will come to my mind, I’d create it and try it because I am my own guinea pig. I find that what I like, most people like too.

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Image Courtesy @2207bytbally


On her style inspiration?

I draw influence from a plethora of sources, Africa, Nigeria in itself is so rich in colours, shapes, culture, the streams of inspiration are forever abundant, just take a walk through the streets of Lagos and see how alive it is with styles that tell different stories; a buffet of expression that invites me to select and create my own interpretations. I am well travelled and when abroad I immerse myself in the different cultures, all the time learning and searching for inspiration; taking their cuts, colours and textures and telling my own stories through my designs in my home country; this is the essence of 2207byTBally.


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Ivy Barber

On her style inspiration?

My biggest style inspiration is British shoe designer Sophia Webster.


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Fablane by Derin

On her style inspiration

Most of all, I gain inspiration from the bodies of women – it’s so beautiful how we are all shaped differently. I always try to create pieces that can suit or be modified to suit all body types.


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