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The JIDZ woman/man has a penchant for unique and good quality products.

On why she started her line

I will try to make my answer as “compact” as possible (laughs). JIDZ was created out of the need to express my creative side. I have a science background – yes I was a science student but not the Olamide “Science Student” type (laughs). I had always known somehow that I was going to do something in the creative industry from a very young age in addition to a science related career I had decided upon at the time. Although, the “creative industry” as such, did not exist in Nigeria at the time. However, that didn’t stop my young mind from running wild with ideas.It certainly was a mix of things from sketching clothes, to hand-sewing doll clothes, to interior redecorating (and decorating), to personal styling, to organising fashion shows back in university. I remember for the second fashion show organised, we didn’t have a makeup artist, so the onus was on me to make up 15 models which I did. Mind you the makeup back then wasn’t as “high tech” as it is now (laughs) needless to say I did a good job based on the reviews I received. At a point in time I made fascinators for myself and I even had a spin learning how to sew garments professionally and made a few wearable items as well. I also played an instrumental role for my department in the multinational oil and gas firm I worked in at the time, to win a competition for the best booth two years in a row as I was in charge of set up for both years. Therefore, I think JIDZ is just the starting point to put into perspective what I know I am capable of, and to guide me to what I do not know (yet) I am capable of achieving.

On the favourite celebrity she’s dressed 

I would not like to get JIDZ “shot in the foot” by picking a specific celebrity or
influencer (laughs). JIDZ has been fortunate to have a good array of clients, most of whom are captains in various industries they operate in and have made significant impact towards the growth of JIDZ. That being said we still have an endless list of prospective clients (both male and female) who we believe relate to our brand’s ethos and we do hope to see this group owning a JIDZ product within the coming months and/or most importantly collaborating with JIDZ in one of our auctions for instance, under our Initiative X programme where we try to raise funds to support a cause (such as the August Meeting play by Raconteur Productions) or specific NGO’s using our PVC bags which we call ‘Soft Glass’.

Who is the JIDZ woman?

The JIDZ woman (and the JIDZ man) is sophisticated, resilient, fearless, purpose driven, dares to be different …she (he) has gone through life with the ups and downs of life and knows what it is to be a survivor. The JIDZ woman/man has a penchant for unique and good quality products.

On style inspiration and her personal style

My personal style is uniquely mine. However, I will say I have generally been influenced by my parent’s sense of style growing up as they were and still are avid dressers. From my father’s sharp looks in his khaki’s to his well-tailored suits and needless to mention the shoes! Then my mother’s unconventional style using her brooches, scarves, statement neck pieces and her “power”bags! I indeed admire these amongst other things I appreciate about my parents, which have indeed formed a good foundation for how I choose to interpret my style. That being said, I am inspired based on my mood…I may choose to be flamboyantly dressed for a lunch date or might just want to wear comfortable clothing, like a free flowing dress and my flats (almost always the case). Nevertheless, there is always BellaNaija Style, Blanck Digital and About That Curvy Life to save an emergency situation (laughs).

In regards to what inspires my design style, I will say anything and nothing. I
remember for the Roulette bag I created back in 2009, I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into as I had just nose-dived into designing purses and I wasn’t certain what I was doing to be honest. So you know the cartoon vortexes, spinning and hypnotic in black and white ( think Looney Tunes), I was asking myself what I was actually going to draw as my ideas were a bit jumbled up and at that point. It was like I just had a eureka moment which inspired the design for the
Roulette bag.


…this collection will resonate with both men and women
in different walks of life, as we all have in one way or another faced our own
set of challenges while on our journey through life.

How would you describe your label?

JIDZ is a contemporary luxury brand with an initial focus on designing and producing limited quantities of leather goods and accessories for both men and women with leather bags being the core production line.

Its hand-crafted goods, explore the use of leather – including exotic skins- semi-precious stones, precious stones, silks, velvets, laces, damask and other exquisite fabrics and materials,  deliberate using machinery very minimally.
Our latest collection titled “Purity of Purpose” is our most personalised
form yet, as we believe this collection will resonate with both men and women
in different walks of life, as we all have in one way or another faced our own
set of challenges while on our journey through life.

In this collection, our signature pearl tassels which we used elaborately in our
previous pieces have also been used. Additionally, three trademarks have been created – the twin quadrangular stars, rail weaves and triangular weaves all exclusive to JIDZ. Furthermore, we have created two interesting hand beaded trademark motifs: a turtle and a hummingbird, which truly is a labour of love. A turtle was chosen which represents survival, patience, endurance, resilience, which somewhat summarises our journey of almost a decade. On the other hand, the hummingbird signifies flight, courage, breaking free from our fears to embrace the beauty in living our dreams, and at the end of the day, not resting on our laurels once we achieve our dreams. At JIDZ, sophistication is the supreme expression of JIDZ style: intense, inspiring, individualistic… with every glimpse a revelation.

What do you believe should be the foundation of every woman’s wardrobe?

The right undergarments to start off with! A pair of black or nude high heels during the day and a pair of black shimmery heels for a night out; A pair of diamante stud earrings and a pair of diamante hoop earrings; A statement necklace and a simple long necklace; A pair of black pants and a pair of blue jeans; a black skirt; a black blouse and a fitted shirt; a free flowing comfortable, yet stylish dress; a fitted dress depending on your body type; a pair of comfortable flat patent leather slippers that you can seamlessly switch from day to night; most importantly a JIDZ bag, guaranteed to transform the simplest of outfits.

Who: Juliet David-West II, Creative Director of JIDZ.

What: Handbags with personality.

Where: Follow them on Instagram  @jidz_limitededitions

Email: [email protected]
Contact Number: +234 (0) 909 993 3004

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