Being a journalist is one thing, but interviewing on the red carpet is another skill that is very important, as red carpet arrivals of high-profile entertainment events often see heated competition among journalists. Here are some tips to help you with your upcoming red-carpet interview. 

Photo by Ryutaro Tsukata
  • Bring a laundry list:

 Always be prepared! It is critical to do your homework well before game day. Then, bring a list that includes the names and relevant information of all the potential interviewees you might encounter. 

  •  Awaken the hunter in you

Be as alert, proactive and aggressive as you can on the red carpet, however shy you might claim yourself to be. You don’t always get the best spot and you can’t predict when and where a target will appear. Therefore, you have to identify and occupy a vantage point early on and sharply observe new arrivals with your weapons, i.e. tools and knowledge you need for interviews. 

  •  Schmooze all around:

 It’s always key to make yourself seen and known on the red carpet. Here, your “schmoozing” skills can really make a difference. For instance, I introduce myself to PR managers when I meet them in person and engage them by sharing my published work on an ongoing basis. In the end, they’re the ones who bring the stars over to you. 

  •  Wear comfy shoes:

 Make sure you wear shoes you can keep standing, walking and running in freely for at least a few hours. If you have to wear heels, prepare a spare pair of flats.

  •  Smile

You can never go wrong with a smile because it can really get tensed up on the red carpet with back-to-back interviewing different personalities. Keep a smile all through. It does wonders.