Have you ever felt so unworthy and undeserving of accomplishments and milestones that you have achieved and it feels like a scam, well I can tell you that imposter syndrome is a real thing, especially for us media girls (especially for me).

Photo by Jeffery Erhunse on Unsplash

For those who don’t know, imposter syndrome is the belief that you are a fraud or unworthy of your position. You are plagued by the constant fear of being exposed as an imposter, so you overcompensate by working harder and doing more. The trouble is every achievement feels like a fluke, and every failure — no matter how big or small— serves as a confirmation that you are undeserving.

For girls in the media industry, it’s almost like you don’t belong and do not deserve success and opportunities. When someone celebrates you, it’s a cringe-worthy moment, or you don’t like to be validated at all because you feel awkward, and you have this negative feeling because you think you have taken over someone’s body.

It reminds me of times when I am about to host an event, and I am scared thinking of how I didn’t belong, and then I tell myself that I belong there and that I have worked hard to get to this position. 

Here are some tips to get over the imposter syndrome 

Believe in your magic: It can be challenging to believe that you are worthy of the position and everything that comes with it, but you need to remember to believe in yourself, as nobody will do it for you. 

Affirm yourself: Speak to yourself and affirm yourself daily.

Be generous when listing your past achievements: Remember what you love about them. Write down these achievements, and whenever your inner mean girl wants to drag you down, revisit this list. 

Have you faced imposter syndrome in your life? How do you fight it? What would you tell anyone struggling with it today?