Managing a luxury bespoke womenswear business in Nigeria can be exceptionally rewarding. However, overseeing every aspect of your enterprise can become overwhelming, leaving little time for income-generating activities and personal freedom.

This article is a guide on how to hire creative assistants and production managers who possess emotional intelligence and can make critical decisions on your behalf, enabling you to manage your business efficiently from anywhere.

We’ll cover essential aspects from targeting the right candidates and conducting online assessments to crafting effective interview questions and creating comprehensive onboarding kits.

Targeting the Right Candidates: To find the ideal candidates, it’s crucial to start with precise targeting strategies for your job listings and ads. Concentrate your efforts on platforms and communities where fashion enthusiasts and professionals gather. Consider leveraging platforms such as LinkedIn, fashion industry forums, and specialized job listing websites. Additionally, harness the potential of social media advertising to broaden your reach.

Online Assessments: To filter out candidates whose qualifications might not align with your needs, employ online assessments tailored to the skills and traits essential for creative assistants and production managers. Some effective online assessments include:

  • Creativity Assessment: Assign tasks that require candidates to brainstorm creative solutions or ideas relevant to the fashion industry.
  • Emotional Intelligence Test: Utilize assessment tools that gauge emotional intelligence, a crucial trait for decision-making on your behalf.

Interview Questions: During the interview process, ask questions that evaluate both technical qualifications and emotional intelligence. Here are sample interview questions:

  • “Can you share a specific instance where your decision-making skills significantly impacted a fashion project you’ve worked on?”
  • “How do you handle high-pressure situations in the fashion industry, and can you provide an example?”
  • “Describe a time when you collaborated with a remote team. How did you ensure effective communication and productivity?”

Onboarding Kit: A well-prepared onboarding kit is vital to help your new hires seamlessly adapt to their roles. It should include:

  • Detailed Job Descriptions: Clear and comprehensive job descriptions for each role.
  • Company Policies: A document outlining your company’s policies, values, and expectations.
  • Training Materials: Educational resources related to your business processes and industry trends.
  • Communication Tools: Access to communication platforms and guidelines for effective remote collaboration.
  • Contact Information: A list of key contacts within your organization for assistance.


Conclusion: By strategically targeting candidates, utilizing online assessments, asking the right interview questions, and providing a thorough onboarding kit, you can hire creative assistants and production managers who will effectively manage your luxury bespoke womenswear brand. This allows you more free time and focus on income-generating activities, ultimately leading your business to thrive and reach new heights of success.