Hi, #BellaStylistas! We are ready to help you slay through another week, and nothing makes us happier at BellaNaija Style than to provide you with the tools you’ll need to look good every day.

This week’s limelight for daily outfit inspiration falls on the London-based Cameroonian style savant – Juliette Foxx. A style star who is a maven at putting together edgy looks, from her pinkish-toned hairstyles to her exquisite collection of sunnies, purses, jewellery, even leather, denim and sultry sheer outfits, there’s just so much to love and learn from Juliette.

For a week’s worth of stylish looks, we’ve rounded up some of our favourites from her. Keep scrolling for a new dose of a week in style.


It’s Black Mondays with Juliette. Whether the dress code is corporate, business casual or casual, the colour black is bae


Red and pink together make an explosive match, so go for a pink pencil skirt with a red corset top and a red long coat to make an unforgettable fashion statement


Match two tones of grey in palazzo pants and a blazer with a white crop top. Accessorize with jewellery pieces, a purse and sunnies


Pair a sultry sheer lace dress with black shapewear and a burgundy leather coat


It’s Denim Friday, rock it how you want it, pick your fave.


A sleeveless monochrome knitwear, paired with same-coloured shoes and bag make a perfect weekend look


Hit your Sunday fashionista meet-ups in colourful leather, googles and a bag paired with nude sandals