As part of our recap for the year  2019 – we are highlighting celebrities, influencers and fashion girls who had a particularly fabulous year fashion wise. Welcome to the #BNSYearInStyle series! 

Sarah Langa has got an endless well of fashion ideas. Be it just a simple casual outfit or a statement look – most notably her New York Fashion Week diary a few months ago – the South African Instagram influencer continues to solidify herself as a reigning fashionista.

In 2019, she took it up the notch. Sporting bold monochromatic looks and high-end African designers, Sarah Langa was sure to show up looking stunning in statement outfits.

See the most noteworthy fits from her 2019 looks below:

Much Ado About Monochrome

Statements And Statements Only

Casual But Chic

The Inner Sarah Langa

Photo credit: @sarahlanga