Grammy-award-winning South African singer and songwriter Tyla Laura Seethal, popularly known as Tyla, just made her Met Gala debut through the sands of time and we have to say she nailed it!

Styled by Katie Qian in a custom Balmain Atelier gown, she explored the 2024 theme The Garden of Time rocking symbolisms of the soil and hourglass depicting the passage of time.


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Tyla’s dress was made from actual sand and microcrystals hand-applied onto a fabric mould cast of her body. Her hourglass figure coordinated nicely with the handheld hourglass accessory she had with her for the event, fitting the theme perfectly as she appears as the Mistress of Time and Land in the Garden of Time.

According to Balmain,

Tyla brings the Sands of Time to life on the 2024 Met Gala steps. Transforming the essence of time embodied by the simple hourglass, the Balmain Atelier devised a unique appliqué technique for the gown, which features sand and micro crystal studs pressed directly onto fabric shaped by a plaster cast of the star’s bodice

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Tyla wore a tear drop-like earring, paired with a gold necklace featuring an embellishment in the middle.

She also tied the wet-look detail of the theme to her manicure as she rocked a tear drop-inspired nail art. Her hair was styled wet, in harmony with the sandy makeup on her arms and shoulders, making it look like she wet herself, rolled around in the sand and walked onto the red carpet.

These soil and water details from her outfit are key elements for a beautiful garden to flourish, reminding us of her hit songs “Water” and “Art” .


Bellastylista: @tyla

Stylist: @katieqian

Dress: @balmain