In recent years, African designers have occupied a prominent space in the world of men’s suits. While this may be a complex terrain, considering the technicalities of formal menswear, more bespoke African brands are coming on board; though, only a few brands have successfully pulled this off.

Midetush Bespoke is one of such, doing so with a flair that evokes passion and finesse, and its Spring Summer ‘24 collection tagged, Sartorial Elegance stays true to this meaning.

According to the brand, “the collection reflects how global cultural trends have influenced the infusion of a laidback vibe to traditional suits.

It features varicoloured suit pieces that accentuate the brand’s attention to detail and excellence. Each piece is a deliberate attempt at integrating functionality with style, using sustainable fabrics that prioritize individual style expressions and love for personal belongings.

Hence, the inclusion of practical detailing, such as pockets for housing lightweight gadgets and items. Beyond the functional value of the suits, Midetush Bespoke explores the boundless creativity that ultra-modern style affords fashion enthusiasts. The Sartorial Elegance collection incorporates a colour palette that further singles out the pieces as non-pareil works of art.

The hybrid colour choice featuring muted and bold options, adds vibrancy to the business-oriented look of the collection.

In essence, the colour choice portrays the thought process of Olumide Oyewunmi, Creative Director of Midetush Bespoke, and his dedication to craftsmanship and creativity. It enhances the overall appeal of the collection, making it stand out in the realm of men’s fashion. Thus, one can tell this collection was birthed from a place of research and thoughtful construction.

Everything, from the texture to the fabric detailing, patterns, and accessories, stays in sync and complements one another.

The navy single-breasted notch lapel jacket combined with ivory beltless pants; sea green double-breasted jacket paired with black pants; grey trench coat paired with sea green pants and metallic grey jacket paired with navy pants. Every look displays intentionality in its coordination.

Although the collection has a limited size range, it is a remarkable improvement from Midetush Bespoke’s past works. From the lookbook’s theme to the construction of the pieces, one can infer the message Oyewunmi is passing:

Suits don’t have to be monotonous. So, embrace neutral and bold-coloured jackets in your wardrobe and punctuate your looks with accessories because this is how they all come together.”