Lagos-based entrepreneur Tosin Durotoye recently visited the gorgeous city of Petra in Jordan, documenting her experience via Instagram clad in a chic denim look paired perfectly with black and white Nike sneakers. Taking in the beautiful rock-cut architecture with the assistance of a good-looking donkey, Tosin is giving us major travel inspiration for the new season. 

On her Instagram, she shared:

1-3. Finally found my way to my 5th Wonder of the World #Petra The most recognizable archaeological site there is The Treasury – an elaborate temple hand-carved out of rock in the 1st century AD. No bricks. No machinery. All hands. It was breathtaking✨

4. Met Ali. He loves Tik Tok and subjected me to an hour of content creation because he said I needed “something viral”. I was stressed.

5. Ali finally landed the Oscar-worthy tilt shot. I crowned him #contentking

6. Met @emadsamahin – a photographer who took my photos in place of the camels he didn’t have to pay for my bride price 🥲 The photos were so amazing that I think I’m married 💍

7. Took the back way to The Treasury. Met a stranger along the way and rode for three hours. The silence was healing ✨

8-9. Told everyone I was camping in the wilderness but I was actually luxuriating at a Bedouin camp with no cell service

9. Travel: my greatest love affair ♥️