As we all know, the beauty industry is ever-changing and evolving. 2022 was the year of the most experimental makeup trends since the early 2000s, and the demand for boldness isn’t slowing down in the coming year. According to Google’s Year in Search data, top beauty trends in 2022 included bold looks with dark lip liner and graphic eyeliner looks. It was also the year where Clean Girl Aesthetic natural-Esque makeup dominated our TikTok algorithm, and the highly desirable sun-kissed blush trend had us all in a chokehold. 

While it seems we won’t be bidding farewell to last year’s beauty looks anytime soon, 2023 does promise a host of new trends to add to our beauty routines, plus a few classic looks that will have a resurgence. From delicate gemstones and minimal makeup to pastel eyeshadow and bold lips, there’s a trend for everyone.

This new year is the perfect opportunity to start fresh. To change your look completely, or opt for a subtle change. Regardless, January is the ideal time to look to the future and all the exciting things it may hold. See all the best 2023 makeup trends before they hit your social feeds.


Blush is back like it never left, with trends such as sunburn blushcold girl makeup and blush draping reigning supreme on social media and IRL — and it’s a staple that will continue into the new year.


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Minimal Makeup 

Minimal makeup will return, leaning towards more natural coverage and techniques. Like last year, multiple-step routines will exchange for a simplified version.

Lifted brows

We saw numerous brow trends last year, but we believe that Lifted Brows will be the massive brow trend of 2023. Prepare to watch tutorials on how to lift your brows in no time.


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Graphic Eyeliner

Graphic eyeliner isn’t exactly a new trend. However, this year, beauty gurus will find ways to show off eye shapes with more graphic designs. Amidst the highly pigmented eyeliner and a creative eye, eye makeup options are endless.


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Face gems took up space in 2022. The trend will take different shades and forms in 2023, with rhinestones and eyeliner combined for unmissable looks.


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Although pastel hues are rarely missing from the spring/summer beauty trend reports, for 2023, we predict they will return with a refreshing, modern approach in warm tones that will work for any skin tone and age group.

Bold Lips

It is all about a pop of colour! The ever-classic bold lip will be even more present in 2023 than it currently is. Expect the infuse of shimmer for that extra pop!