When this group of influencers planned a trip to Marrakesh last year, travel blogger and lifestyle influencer Fey Kamson of FNP Travel took charge of the planning and all concerning the trip to makes things easier for the girls trip to Morocco.

According to her, when it came to visas, she got a travel agent sort them out.

I had FNP travel sort out all research pertaining to important things to know before going to Morocco by liaising with locals in Morocco and internet research as well.

So if you’re thinking of planning a trip to Morocco or any other holiday destination, Fey’s got you covered! Here’s what the other girls had to say about their trip to Marrakesh and FNP Travel.


I got my ticket from Wakanow in September (we travelled in November) that was my first step as I’m a lastminute.com person. I then sent in the necessary documents for the visa application to the agent [Fey got us] in Abuja and received the visa in 7 days, a 6 months visa with multiple entries.

At first, the thought of having to travel to Abuja for the visa was discouraging until we realised the option of a non-appearance visa which we eventually did with the help of our agent. The accommodation was already sorted out [by Fey] before we arrived so all we did was check into the hotels.

We had a luxury car rental company Travel Marrakesh provide a car for us for the entire trip that made it so convenient to move around and it came with wifi! The car picked us who landed at Casablanca airport and we drove 3hrs to Marrakesh.

Kehinde Smith

I’m usually conscious when I’m travelling because I had a bad experience one time I went to Zanzibar when I thought I didn’t need a visa because I had an American passport. When I got to the airport, I couldn’t make the flight because I didn’t have my travel documentation. Making sure you have the proper documentation is very important whatever passport you have.

So the first thing I did was figuring out if I needed a visa or not and in this case, I didn’t need a visa. I made sure I had to get my yellow fever card and I like to have a travel to-do list, so whenever I’m travelling to a foreign country I do a checklist a few days before I leave.

There weren’t any difficulties on my end cause I went through FNP Travel so she was in charge of booking the accommodations and dealing with all the headaches that anyone will deal with while prepping for a gateway, and she did an absolutely amazing job.


I had to apply for the visa in Abuja as there’s no Moroccan embassy in Lagos. The visa process took about 10 days. I also had to go back to pick my passport up when it was ready. You only pay the visa fee when you pick up and if they grant you the visa.

I had to travel back to Abuja to pick up my passport which I considered to be an inconvenience. Most embassies are able to post your passport back to you.



Princess Polo

If you have a Nigerian passport like myself, you’ll need a visa and a yellow fever card. It takes about 10 days to be out once you’ve submitted your application.

Luckily, we didn’t have to stress much in terms of accommodation, tourist activities & transportation. FNP Travel sorted it all out. It was an entire package rendered so well, I have no complaints and I was very impressed.