So competition is not a strange word in the media field, especially with the advent of social media, hence the pressure to stand out and make a mark. Moreso, the media is more commercialized nowadays, and many people can cash in by having a social media account and putting out consistent content. Anyone can become an overnight sensation and star.

Photo by Alex Starnes on Unsplash

As a result, everyone is seeking opportunities to gain visibility in a saturated industry. The hack for anyone trying to get into this industry is to avoid getting caught up in a frenzy of competition. Instead, follow these different rules to stand out.

Understand the Competition

To better understand your competition, you should examine the marketplace and identify ways you can improve on what your competitors are doing. There is always something that you can improve on and make better and stand out. Understanding the competition is vital.

Clarify your message

What are your messages and unique selling points? Amplify it like never before and create a narrative and community. A clear message resonates with your audience.

Brand your message

After you have clarified your message, branding is everything. You want to use social media and its tools, such as Twitter and Instagram, to showcase yourself as a media personality with your specific niche. If your message is still unclear, there are branding experts who can help you identify where you should focus.

Explore partnership

Partnership opportunities are in high demand right now. Most businesses reach out to influencers to tap into a new market or demographic. This should be your focus as it helps you reach new markets and audiences.


There is nothing that beats consistently putting yourself out there and your message and not letting what other people are doing distract you from your core purpose. Consistency and time are everything.

You are your competition

It is really about you and your unique abilities that will set you apart from the crowd because as much as you can study the competition. You are badass, and you can win by being your competition.