The whole process of being a presenter is fascinating but it is also pertinent to be able to engage your audience, especially when it comes to hosting an event, giving a talk or even addressing a crowd. See some of the salient tips that would help in engaging your audience.

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Never underestimate the power of research
As a media practitioner, one thing you should never underestimate is the power of research. Research can make you go from second-guessing everything to feeling confident. So put in the work, research your niche and see your presentation journey take up a new shape.

Involve the audience by establishing a connection

As a media professional, you risk losing the interest of your readers or viewers if they cannot relate to the subject matter you are discussing. Make sure to think of issues that your audience can completely relate to.

Keep it short, simple and sweet

Research has proven that the average human attention span is 8.25 seconds in recent times. Nobody wants to listen to a boring conversation that goes on forever. Always ensure that your conversations are interesting, short and simple.

Pique your audience’s interest
One strategy to prevent your audience from losing interest rapidly is to ensure that you always keep your audience wanting more. Your conversation wouldn’t suffer from a few subtle teasers and a dash of comedy, and the listener would be eager for more. Be careful not to dilute your conversation in an attempt to be humorous to a point that it diverts you from your topic of discussion.

Audience feedback
The role of audience feedback in presentations is a secret that you should never undervalue. It’s always a good idea to occasionally consider oneself from the perspective of others, or in this case, your audience. Make sure to constantly include a channel for audience feedback on your presentation or discussion topic since, who knows, you might just get your next big idea from such platforms.