Wearing nice fashionable items are common goals of an average lady, however, in reality, we do not always have all the items we love in our closet, possibly being that it was unaffordable or unavailable at the time. What then can be done to ensure shopping budgets are put to optimal use.


Right from when I started making decisions about what I wanted to wear I loved fashionable items but I could not always afford them like most of us. However, by being more strategic, intentional and decisive about my shopping I was able to build a pretty decent wardrobe for myself over time. Fast forward to being an image consultant/personal stylist, because I had to shop for my clients usually on a budget, I had to sharpen my shopping skills by ensuring I prioritised “affordable’’ and “quality’’ to achieve their desired results. Below I would be sharing my favourite tips and tricks on how to maximise shopping budgets without having to fall for low quality/cheap items in a bid save more.

1. Plan and Think

Before shopping online or in stores you need to ask yourself honest questions like where would I wear this to?, is it something I can wear again?, what clothes do I have that can replace this look?, and would this item flatter my body type?. If your answer is NO, then you probably should not be buying it. This is because to shop wisely you have to only spend on items you actually need and not anything that is eye-catchy at the moment.

2. Create a Shopping List

Once you have decided that you actually need these items the next step is to create a shopping list. This is something you should refer to every now and then when you are ready to buy things/shop. What this does to you is that you are forced to prioritise items on your list, which in turn would prevent you from grabbing thing you do not need/already have, buying similar items just because of the colour, buying trendy pieces etc. In the long run, you would realise that you built a pretty decent and versatile wardrobe for yourself overtime.

3. Shop Sales

When it comes to shopping you have to be very strategic about where and when you buy things. The trick here is that if you would not be wearing that item you just saw and liked in the near future, it can wait! Oftentimes, my clients inform me about wanting to buy a new item like shoes, dresses, bags as the case may be, and usually, once celebratory periods such as Easter, Black Friday, Christmas, Independence etc. where most vendors e sell at discounted prices is around I tell them to wait till then and they are grateful for it. The benefit of this to your shopping goal is that you get to buy things at better prices, save more, knock off a lot of items on your shopping list and you feel like an accomplished fashion girl.

4. Shop from Local Brands

Like I have previously mentioned in my last article, in a world where it might be too expensive to buy luxurious brands, your next best option is to consider quality replica local brands, which is definitely a good way to save on expensive items. Ultimately, you get to achieve your style goal and promote local artisan while at it.

5. Shop with Company

When shopping I would recommend shop with a friend or a stylist, this is because you would come out buying things you actually need, as opposed to doing it alone where there is a possibility that you buy things you should not have bought. The advantage with a friend or your stylist is that they would be honest with you about what you are buying, speak some sense and guide your decisions on whether you need it or not. In the long run, it would be worth it to you.