We’ve been conditioned to think that natural hair in all its kinky, coily glory isn’t ‘glamorous’ or ‘beautiful. The Natural Hair Chronicles is a BNS original content series that celebrates women who are pushing against Eurocentric beauty standards and embracing their natural texture and rocking it on screen, on the red carpet and in their everyday lives. 

BNS:How has your relationship with your hair evolved over the years?

When I lived in the UK and US I never considered my natural hair too much because I always had in weaves. When I moved back to Lagos I got inspired by the natural hairstyles I saw around me and went natural and started braiding my hair more and taking care of my natural hair.

BNS:Have you always appreciated its natural texture?

It wasn’t until 4 years ago that I started really enjoying my natural hair texture and taking the time to learn what products work best with my natural hair.

BNS:Do you believe hair and women’s hair choices are over politicised?

Yes definitely, I feel women are defined by their hair and external judgements are made about our personalities due to our hair choices – relaxed, natural, wearing wigs or weaves. But I believe that the inherent beauty of being a woman is the fact that we can all be chameleons, one week I may feel like rocking a wig, the next braids and the week after that maybe faux locks. My hair doesn’t define me I define it.

BNS:What hair style makes you feel the most glamorous and what does your hair mean to you today?

I love Ghana weaving it’s an easy to manage protective style and it makes me feel like a powerful African woman. My hair is another avenue for me to express my personality just like my style and jewellery choices.


BNS:Have there been times you felt you were over or under appreciated because of how your hair was styled or not styled?

I think living in the UK I felt under a subtle pressure to conform to hairstyles that fit into the Eurocentric idea of beauty.

BNS:Are you more or less accepting of your natural texture now?

Yes definitely I love my natural hair texture.