Last week I wrote about my top ten (10) staple clothes every woman needs in her closet. This week I decided to focus on four (4) staple handbags every woman should have in her wardrobe, flexible enough to cover her for all occasions. Handbags are undoubtedly one of the most essential accessories to any outfit, and as women, we usually carry different kinds of bags depending on the occasion. We live in a world where fashion evolves and new trends keep coming up, therefore in order not to get caught in trends understanding whether that trendy bag or that your dream designer is essential and versatile enough to serve you on many occasions is paramount. Still, this is not limiting you from having more than these kinds of bags.

In coming up with this list I thought of the most useful handbags to every woman and the following came up, keep scrolling to uncover my top four (4) styles of handbags every woman should have in her closet.

1. A Saddle/Sling Bag

These are the type of bags that usually have long straps and her worn over one shoulder or across the front of the torso depending on individual preferences, and because they are mostly small they can be easily carried around comfortably. This kind of bag will serve you for your casual or less serious outfits or occasions. For a new look, some with detachable straps can even be transformed into a purse when removed.


2. A Tote Bag

Tote bags vary, but essentially they can be seen as your everyday bags and they usually come in big sizes compared to the other types of handbags. Good examples include the canvas tote bags, jute tote bags, leather tote, structured tote bags, just to name a few. So either you’re carrying the structured tote bag to work, or the leather tote to school or as a mum to carry that extra kid stuff around, the vital thing is to have the one that suits into your life and personal style. Also, the best thing about tote bags is that they are stylish and easy to carry on.


3. A Clutch Purse

These are the kind of bags that are designed to be handheld or carried under your arm they come in small sizes and they vary in shape and design, some even come with straps for that extra flexibility. Notably, they are good for those dressy evenings or highly special occasions like weddings, dinner parties, red carpet events, dates etc. Common examples include box clutches, kiss lock clutches, envelop clutches, pouch clutches, bracelet bags etc., no doubt, you definitely need one.


4. A Timeless Bag

Common examples of these bags are the quilted handbags, wallet on chains, envelope bags and it could also be one luxury bag you adore. It is perfect for special events that don’t require any opulent dressing like a date, drinks with the girls, an outing where you would rather only your classic bag make a fashion statement.