Lagos Fashion Week 2019 has surely served up the very best of hair inspiration for this fashion season. From creative ponytails to colourful braids, cornrows and stand out weaves, Darling most certainly created hair trends that will define the Nigerian beauty industry in 2020. 

See some of the best hair trends spotted backstage and on the runway!

Creative Ponytails

It rained ponies at LFW 19, and the models had their edges snatched and sleeked back, without a strand of hair out of place. There were ponytails of different lengths and textures achieved using Darling kinky straight, beach waves, Super soft braids and natural bob, oh Darling, they were a glorious sight to behold


Thinking of protecting your edges all year long in 2020? Well, Darling served us some major crochet hairstyle looks at LFW 19 for the everyday look and a world of choice styles for every woman.

Colourful Braids

Braids are certainly at the heart of the Darling brand and they did not fail at reiterating this at LFW 19 by creating beautiful braids for models on the runway. Some of the braids were also embellished with colourful beads for an extra pop of colour.


The natural women weren’t left out, Darling created some lovely afro styles that will inspire you all day every day. 

Slick Backs

Well laid and classic looks were created for some of the models at LFW 19 using Darling Kinky straight extensions – giving a simple yet effortless look.

Curls, Curls, Curls!

Some of the models walked down the LFW runway with their very big, bold and beautiful curls, achieved using Darling Caribbean and Bohemian curls.


Cornrows are totally in, Darling further enhanced the beauty looks with some neat cornrows.