Beverly Naya is stunning on the new cover of SCHICK. Inside this edition called “The Love Yourself” issue the Nigerian actress and producer talks about her award-winning documentary, Skin, the importance of self-confidence, loving yourself in your skin and more.

Styled by Daniel Obasi, Beverly looks her best yet in a 70s disco-inspired look with a full afro that compliments her face, glamour embellished mini dress and fishnets.

See excerpts of the interview below:

On Black creatives:
I want to see more Black actors and crew members well-represented in big films and not just the ones that specifically tell a black story to a black audience.

On her award-winning documentary, Skin:
I had to create a documentary to raise awareness of the negative effects of colourism. I needed the powerful message of self-love and self-confidence to travel much farther.

On self-love:
Self-love is empowering and liberating because it allows you to own who you are wholeheartedly and unapologetically.

On leaving a legacy:
Legacy means power that comes from being aware and confident in who you are.

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