Leading hair care brand, Mega Growth Nigeria has been at the fore of providing effective hair care solutions for women, offering a comprehensive range of hair care products, from relaxers to shampoos, conditioners, hair strengtheners, and growth oils, to help women achieve and maintain strong, healthy, and beautiful hair.

Driven by their mission to provide quality products for Nigerian women, they recently added a new product to their range of relaxers – Mega Growth Sensitive care no-lye relaxer for women with fine to medium hair textures.


Different hair types need different types of products. While having fine hair is not a problem, it often requires the most care, with delicate products specially designed to protect and maintain its fine texture.

The new sensitive care relaxer which launched in the first week of December was made to fill this gap. Mega Growth’s sensitive care relaxer contains a complete relaxing set with a unique 4 step relaxer system which includes a relaxer/activator, neutralizing shampoo, deep conditioner, and break-free leave-in strengthener for healthier looking hair.

Watch Kelechi discuss the unique 4-step relaxer system.

The relaxer also contains 25% more conditioning oils to give consumers a milder and soothing retouching experience as Bisola testifies.

Speaking on this inclusion to their relaxer range, Mega Growth’s senior brand manager, Ebunoluwa Longe, says the launch of sensitive care relaxer further shows the brand’s commitment to helping women of all hair types achieve strong and beautiful hair.

The new sensitive care relaxer can be purchased online via www.thedivashopng.com alongside other Mega Growth products.