Miskay, the cutting-edge fashion brand, is thrilled to announce the official launch of its highly anticipated mobile application. Designed to transform the way fashion enthusiasts explore trends, connect with influencers, and curate their personal style, the Miskay App is set to revolutionize the fashion landscape.

The Miskay App offers a unique blend of seamless shopping experience and user-generated content, allowing users to discover the latest fashion trends, outfit styling inspiration, and accessories With a user-friendly interface and intuitive features, Miskay empowers users to create personalized style feeds, save their favourite looks, and shop directly from the app.

In conjunction with the app launch, Miskay is also excited to unveil its exclusive Influencer Program aimed at fashion influencers and enthusiasts. The program is designed to foster a vibrant community of trendsetters, creators, and fashion aficionados who are passionate about sharing their unique styles and inspirations.

Fashion influencers and enthusiasts are invited to join the Miskay Influencer Program to unlock a range of benefits, including:

Product Discovery and Shopping: With Miskay, users can explore an extensive range of products spanning various categories, making it effortless to find what they desire. The app’s search function enables quick access to specific items or preferred brands, while detailed product information and customer reviews empower informed purchase decisions.

Cart Management: The app ensures a user-friendly cart management experience, enabling shoppers to easily modify quantities, remove items, and save products for future purchases.

Secure Checkout: The brand prioritizes the security of our users’ transactions and provides a smooth, hassle-free payment process. Miskay supports multiple payment options, including credit/debit cards and Bank transfers.

User Wallet: The Miskay wallet is a safe and convenient way for users to store funds for seamless shopping. Users can top up their wallet balance through various payment methods and even transfer funds to other registered users on the platform.

Influencer Program: Miskay is particularly excited about our Influencer Program, which allows influencers to join our community, receive a unique code to share with their fans, and earn rewards or commissions with every purchase made using their code. User Profiles and Social Integration: The app enables users to create personalized profiles, save favourite products, and track their order history. Integration with social media platforms facilitates easy sharing of products and purchases.

Notifications: Users receive real-time updates on their order status, promotions, and influencer earnings, ensuring they stay informed throughout their shopping journey. Customer Support: Our in-app customer support is readily available to assist users with any inquiries, order issues, or wallet-related matters, ensuring a delightful shopping experience.

Video Feed: The Miskay app boasts a dynamic video feed showcasing the latest content from Miskay and our esteemed influencers. Users can directly shop featured products by simply tapping on the “Shop” icon within videos.

  1. Download the Miskay App: Available on iOS and Android, the Miskay App can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store.
  2. Create Your Profile: Set up your influencer profile, showcasing your unique style and fashion expertise.
  3. Connect and Inspire: Start sharing your fashion insights, outfit ideas, and style tips with the Miskay community.

Miskay is a forward-thinking fashion brand that aims to connect fashion enthusiasts, influencers, and brands in a dynamic and engaging way with a commitment to innovation and style.

See all the photos from the launch event below.