Ugandan singer Cindy Sanyu is the cover star for Satisfashion UG‘s December 2020 digital issue.

For the feature, Cindy talks about having the biggest concert this year, her relationship with her daughter during the lockdown, and her engagement.

Read excerpts below

On her political views in Uganda

When I look at politics I wish I didn’t have a child, I’d speak more because then, I’d have nothing to lose. I’d not care about the repercussions, but I have a daughter, I want her to go to school tomorrow. I don’t want her to find dead bodies on the streets. Like all that, I don’t want her to go through the trauma of a war, that’s why I go slow when it comes to politics. Of course, I have a side and by now people know what side I’m on. It’s a little too obvious that by now Uganda needs a change.

On feeling accomplished in her career 

It’s an empty space where I am, because when you work so hard to get to a point and you finally get there, it’s so hard to get inspiration to move forward. Because every day you’re like ‘that’s impossible, I can’t get there, lemme do this, lemme work hard.’ Then suddenly it’s like boom, it has happened! So now I’m like… I need the next inspiration. That’s where I am, it’s empty, it’s lonely. That’s where I am and I need to find a way to move from there.

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