We are forever looking for a way to hack the elusive code of workwear fashion. Finding a way to ditch the tried, true and boring way of dressing for work for a much more chic way to dress to work without compromising its appropriateness is a truly Herculean task. A task a few of our favorite BellaStylistas like interior designer Tracy Nwapa have managed to hack pretty effortlessly. And on today’s feature we have the ever stylish Lerato Seuoe whose style is everything goals.

We are absolutely obsessed with this beauty editor and content creator’s style! Her go-to’s are majorly blazers and colourful form fitting dresses which are undeniably stylish and form fitting but still very much work friendly.

Scroll down to the seven looks from Lerato Seuoe we are currently coveting and will be recruiting as soon as possible.

Yellow will always be a magical colour on black girls and a yellow blazer should be in the wardrobe or at least the wishlist of every stylish working class woman.

Everything about this outfit just screams boss lady – in the most subtle yet powerful way possible.

Get yourself a red powersuit and strut your stuff like Lerato Seuoe !

This blue peplum set is a true wardrobe essential, effortlessly stylish and obviously chic. Paired with yellow strappy heels to contrast the peplum set -which it does perfectly, a sleek pony tail, hoop earrings and perfectly manicured nails, this look is everything.

When all else fails go monochrome and this a surefire way to do it. An all-black fit with a white blazer to top it off and give it the edge it needs.

This whole ensemble is a must have! From the dress with it’s versatility and formal bodice -which makes it perfect for work, church and even brunch – to these heels which have sparked major shoe envy in us!

While the standard cool kid thing to do is drape a blazer on your shoulders, Lerato takes it to the next level with this fit – draping her blazer over this long-sleeved V-necked white dress and keeping everything else pristine and sharp is borderline workwear fashion genius.

Photo Credit: @lerato_seuoe