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So I take my self-care weekends very seriously, but a few weekends ago I realized I’d reached almost two months without treating my body right, so I reasoned I deserved a spa day. My adventurous spirit led me to the heart of the city – Ikeja.

I entered the scenic Radisson Blu Hotel, Lagos and was led to an ethereal luxury space where everyone floats around in fluffy robes and slippers; Amani Spa.

Although not a new spot, Amani may just be the best thing to happen to Ikeja and it’s right in the middle, nestled inside the boisterous hotel which also houses two restaurants. The interior is so gorgeous – warm, cozy and relaxing.

I wanted to go all-in for a relaxing day, so I chose a customized 2-hour package. As with all sessions, my Amani experience began with a detoxifying shot of Ugwu leaves.

The sauna was my next spot, 30 minutes of exfoliation was just what my skin needed to purge out Lagos stress. After that, I was led by the cheerful spa manager Jade to the flotation pool. Side note: prior to this day, I had never experienced spa flotation, so I was a little skeptical. Basically, in case you also have no clue what it is; a flotation pool is an isolated tank where you get to float on a bed of treatment-infused water. It is a great way to relieve stress, chronic fatigue, and anxiety. My claustrophobia aside, the experience was all that and more. I felt weightless, allowing the Epsom salt to work its magic and after 30 minutes I was Luca-level chill (if you watch Grownish you’d know).

Next was the Amani Jewel of Africa signature treatment. An amazing body and mood-boosting massage, my favourite part was selecting an affirmation stone (I chose “love”) which the signature treatment would be based around. I reflected on love all through the session and I finished with a big smile on my face.

Finally, I got the spa’s special SKN Logic Facial which gave me the most glowing skin I’ve had in recent times – all of the pollution, sweat and most importantly makeup cleared off my skin in 30 minutes!

I ended up in the relaxation room, drinking mint tea with a blissed-out expression one can only get from feeling completely hassle-free.

Watch the full video of my experience below


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