Our favourite South African blogger babes Kefilwe Mabote and Sarah Langa are the cover stars for The Throne Magazine‘s latest issue. This edition is tagged Influence, Fashion and Luxury and the duo look the part in the photos following the feature.

Styled by Chelsea Pitt & Nkuley Masmola, Kefi and Sarah look incredible chic channeling old Hollywood glamour with vintage scarfs and kitten heels. In their separate features, they talk about how it all started, the journey so far, and how they have found so much success and won the love and loyalty of their individual audiences.

Read excerpts below

Kefilwe on her source of inspiration
People don’t know this, but apart from my mother who I regard as someone I look up to more than anyone else as a source of inspiration, the key influence behind my journey is anger. I literally owe my success to bullies and people who have undermined me at different points in my life. These people have been the key catalysts to my overall success

Sarah on where she got her passion for fashion
I have always loved fashion from a young age. I was notorious for taking scraps of fabric to make myself dresses. I grew up around fashion. My grandmother was a dressmaker and designer while my mother did all of her beadwork. It only made sense for me to be in the fashion industry. My first year of university was academically an absolute failure but I learned so much about myself. I used that time to discover all of these digital media platforms where I could share my love and passion for fashion. Eventually, my following grew and that defined who I am now and what I currently do.

Kefilwe on how she spends her days
It’s my way of making sure that I am inspired and my creative juices are fresh because I spend my weekends sourcing the web for trends and people watching. I usually set Thursday and Friday aside to shoot any influencer campaigns while planning my content for the coming week. I like to keep my weekends aside for family and friends but I will often need to attend certain events. Basically, from Monday to Sunday I can always find an excuse to dress-up!

Sarah on how seriously she takes being an influencer
I love being able to explore the more systematic and analytical side of me while still being a creative. Influencers and bloggers take for granted how creative the space requires you to be. The most interesting part is my connection to people through my creativity. Whether it is editing techniques, styling, production or even just humorous captions. It’s interesting to see how I have managed to find my voice in this space and the fact that people are actually listening to what I have to say is my greatest honour and privilege!”

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Photography by Austin Malema
Styling by Chelsea Pitt & Nkuley Masmola
Makeup by Katlego Lekalakala
Words by Naledi Sibisi